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Monday, April 18, 2011

Lift Your NUTSACK and Make Me Lick and Suck Your ASS!

Would you like to push your ass in my face?
 I guess the main reason I love to lick a man's ass so much is because so few men have the opportunity to enjoy a good ass eating!
It also makes me feel so dirty, like such a pig...I drip when a man pushes his ass in my face and yells at me to lick!
 I love to stick my tongue as far up into your ass as possible! I know it feels so good...maybe you are jerking your dick as I eat your warm asshole!

I once did a foursome (me and three guys) which was particularly degrading.
They ordered me to eat their asses and called me filthy names while I did!
I kept cumming so hard. so I guess I really like this!
What do you think?

Piggie has been especially bad! Let me slobber all over your balls to apologize!

No, of course that is not me in these photos (but I wish it was! Those balls are beautiful!)

I have been licking balls however...and I am sorry they were not yours!

I have been away for awhile...trying NOT to play with myself and get things done!
Not that this is an excuse for my not being available to you on NiteFlirt, but I wanted to explain anyway.

I am back now with many new stories and new ideas to play with  you!
I have added a bi sexual listing for the ladies, or for the guys who want to hear about my girl play!
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I want to tell you everything.
So, if I have kept you waiting or disappointed you, I promise to make it up to you!
I promise to give you a great show or make you spew your milk on the phone!

Sometimes, when I am playing with myself, I do a google image search for whatever may be in my head, making me hot on that particular day.
Many of the images I post here on my blog are images I have masturbated to and really liked.
Of course, they are google free use images.
I do not use other's content without permission!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Piggie SQUIRTS! Just for you! New Video Clipee!

Probably not, most women do not, so I have been told.
Would you like to watch me fuck my own ass and make myself squirt?
Buy my video and be amazed!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

PIGGIE AND THE SUPERINTENDENT What kind of Trouble Has Piggie Gotten Into NOW?


Late on her rent, WHAT'S a piggie to do?

What kind of Trouble Has Piggie Gotten Herself Into NOW?

Find out how I wiggle my way out of this one...
He said he just wanted to take a few pictures of me and lick my pussy!

That's not all he did!
Want to see?
I think you will find my new Video very hot. Recorded Thursday, March 17, 2011 during "negotiations".


If YOU were my landlord, what would you do?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Piggie Loves to Vacuum!


Well, no, not really, unless I can be completely alone and nude with my vacuum!
If you have never played with your vacuum, you do not know what you are missing.
First, it is a good idea to "save" one of the extension tubes, not using it for cleaning.
Men may want to coat the inner opening of the tube with a lot of Vaseline to prevent chaffing.

I also recommend saving or buying an additional crevice tool because this feels really good on my clit! More concentrated suction.  My nipples are too big to fit into the end of the crevice tool though. :(

You can also modify the inside of the tube by adding soft material etc.
I do not have this problem, however!

I just turn the power on and GO!

This is yet another one of those things I have done since I was a kid. :)  I know my Mother probably wondered why I vacuumed my room for such a long time, with the door locked!
Now that I think about it, I would love to have gotten caught by someone using the vacuum to masturbate!
Mmmmmmm!  I would have been so embarrassed and so ashamed!
I got caught doing A LOT of other shameful things, so don't worry!

It would be a big turn on to cam for you while I play with my vacuum, so just ask!  It would have to be a day session because my vacuum is noisy!

To answer a question I know you will all eventually ask...No, I can not fit the tube up my pussy hole or in my ass.  It is too wide.  I can fit a cock this wide because a cock can SQUEEZE into my holes.  Hard plastic is impossible.  :P



PS-I think the word "clit" should be in the dictionary...

Friday, March 4, 2011

I tried not to play with my pussy yesterday!


I told myself I was not going to start masturbating as soon as I woke up yesterday...I had to get things done, so I made up my mind that I was going to be a good piggie.
It sounded good, the night before, and I told myself I would not masturbate until after 5PM today, which seemed doable last night, falling asleep (again) with a soaked and played with pussy, playing on cam for all of the wonderful NITE FLIRT MEN!


I thought web-camming and masturbating on NF would calm me down a bit and I would not be so crazed to find LIVE HARD DICKS TO SUCK, but instead, all of your fantasies just get me more aroused!

Looking at all of your dicks and watching you stroke actually makes me more horny!

So, anyway, when I  woke up yesterday morning, my clit was tingling and my holes ached to be filled...but,.I was good and did not start playing with myself.


 Some of the cock shots I post are actual men who have sent me their photos (and posted with their permission, of course) and some were obtained during one of my horny web image searches.  It makes me wet to view this page and see all of the beautiful penis's!

 I got into the habit, a long time ago, of dressing in ways that I could either access my pussy easily or get undressed quickly, so, as I was driving, I lifted my skirt without thinking and put my hand between my legs.

I told myself that it was okay to play with my pussy because I was getting "things" done.

My mind has all of the wonderful images of cocks being stroked, pulled and shooting cum, thanks to the very nice men who can turn their cams on and let me see their dicks while they watch me!  
Thank you to all the men who have let me see their dicks on cam or have sent me pictures of their cocks!

So, as I am playing with myself, I am sure there are men who jerk off while they are driving too...and...
I know I need to look for a trucker or a higher vehicle so the man can see down into my car and see what I am doing.

Of course, I take my tits out and lift them up over my bra so the men can see.

I take my dildo vibrator out of my purse(because it is easier to drive using my hands) and push it down near my clit...I spread my legs as far as I can,  pull up my dress over my hips, still with my big tits out, so I am essentially nude.
Thoughts of rock hard cocks, sticking straight up, ready to explode cum, dance around in my head.

I spot a big truck and quickly drive and position myself on the driver's side and I know the man can see right down into my car.

Truckers work so hard and are away from home for long periods of time, so it is my responsibility to take care of them whenever I have an opportunity!
So, I am in luck.  The trucker looks down immediately and sees my tits.  He can clearly see I have my legs spread and am playing with myself.

I am so turned on!
We drive like this for just a few minutes and he frantically waves at me to pull over...

He pulls over on the side of the highway and I pull right over and stop in front of him.
He jumps out of his truck, goes to the passenger side and gets in.
I know he thinks I am probably just a tease, so he is shocked when I am smiling when he gets in.

His eyes go right to my tits, then down between my  legs as I spread wider and lift my ass up and do a little pumping motion for him.
His dick is obviously rock hard and straining to get out of  his pants!

He thinks he will have to make some small talk (when he really doesn't) and says, "Hey, baby, how are you?  You have some beautiful tits!"

He does not even care that I do not respond or give permission as he reaches over and starts to squeeze and fondle my tits.  He sucks my nipple and squeezes my other breast.
I guess my bra and rolled up dress are a bit of a hindrance because he seems annoyed and says, "Take your fucking clothes off bitch"   (keep in mind, there are cars driving by on the highway!)
I am so excited by this point and do as I am told.

He had no way of knowing that Piggie always does as she is told, lol, but I guess a man kind of senses when a woman is a cock whore and needs to be told what to do.

He unzippers his pants (I absolutely LOVE the sound of a zipper going down!) and I see  his cock, standing straight up and already ooozing precum!

"Mmmmmmm", I say, as I lick my lips.
He grabs the shaft and says "Suck my dick, cunt.", as he waves his penis around a bit and strokes the shaft.

I play my little shy game I know he will like by saying, "I don't know if I should..."
Knowing I am a whore, he pulls me by the hair and forces my head down in his crotch and thrusts his dick in my mouth.

"You filthy slut! Suck my cock! You know you want it!" he says as he lifts his ass up and down and pumps my face.

He likes my little game so I make believe I am trying to get away, which makes him even more excited.

"Oh, yea, slut, that's right baby, suck my dick, suck it good!".

I absolutely LOVE when a man orders me to suck his dick!  I feel like such a whore and that the man also knows my job is to suck cock!

He rams 2 fingers in my pussy hole and begins jamming them in and out, and repeating, "Yea, suck it, suck my dick...oh yea, suck it!"
I know men love messy blowjobs, so I deliberately make sucking and slurping noises as I suck.  I tast little drops of his precum and this makes me proud.

I love knowing I am making his dick feel so good because I have been told by many men, I give the best head they have ever had!

His finger fucking makes me moan!
He is fingering me and squeezing my tits as I suck, pushing his penis down my throat as far as he can. (I get him all the way down the shaft!)

He starts breathing really fast, and the head of his cock tightens even more, so I know he is ready!  He shoots his big load in my mouth and almost screams as he cums.

"Suck my big dick slut, suck it, yea, take my load!"

Mmmmmmm, his cum is so good!  His cock spasms and squirts lots of sticky hot milk into my waiting mouth.

He gets out of my car, leaving his cum in my mouth and  of course, me still completely naked.
He says, "Thank you, baby, that was a treat!" as he leaves and I watch him happily jump back into his truck and drive away.

I am so happy he  let me suck his cock.
I am glad I could make another horny man feel good!

Of clourse, I am not only still horny, I am crazed, so that is not the only bad thing I did yesterday, but I will write about that part, next.

What do you think?  If you were this trucker, what would you do? Would you tell me to pull over or would you keep driving and just, (maybe) jerk off?  :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stick your dick in my window and I will suck it!

Yes, that's right! I will!
I can't resist a hard dick, so if a strange man suddenly came up to my car window, took his dick out and shoved it in my face, I would happily suck it for him!
Mmmmmmm! In fact, I love doing this!
I will post some of the things I have done in the past, but for now, each day brings new whore fun for me!

So, two days ago, I met a guy at a park/golf course which was not very active with people. I got there first and waited for him.
I parked towards a corner, so when he pulled up, his truck blocked a lot of the view anyone would have if they looked over (but not entirely).
We agreed I would not speak.  He got out of his car, already unzippering his pants.  He took his cock out, which was already hard and purple.
He came up to my window, which was rolled down, and stuck his dick in my mouth.  My hand immediately went between my legs and I began to play with myself.
He said brief things like, "Yea, that's it pig, suck my dick" as he reached in and pulled out my tit and squeezed it hard.
I noticed there were 2 landscaper guys who had stopped to look.  The man noticed too, but did not care.  In fact, he began to obviously pump his dick harder and faster into my mouth.
I loved sucking his swollen head and feeling it pushed into my throat.

His cum exploded in my mouth and he moaned loudly. I am sure the guys heard him because they were just standing there, rubbing their cocks through their pants.
I sucked every drop out of the tip of his dick and swallowed it.
He zipped up his pants and drove away without a word.
I loved it. 
I continued to play with my pussy, with my one tit still out.  As soon as the man drove away, the two landscapers started walking over to my car.
I began to get even more excited.
They must have known I was a pig, because the one guy took his dick out and began to jerk off.
The other guy went around to my passenger side door and got in my car, then HE took his dick out.
The guy outside looked at me and pushed his dick in my mouth while the guy in my car jerked off furiously and began to finger my pussy.
They were both feeling and squeezing my tits and moaning.
They did not say anything because I am not sure they spoke English.
The guy outside shot a huge load in my mouth, which I swallowed quickly.
I knew the man next to me needed his dick sucked too.
He pushed my head down on his cock and exploded immediately!
Some of the cum was all over my face and in my hair.
They zipped up and left.
I love doing things like this.
I would love to suck your dick too!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I needed to practice for you!

This is what I showed all the men on webcam last night!
I want to be as pleasing as possible when you pay me to be your pig on webcam, so I thought I would practice a bit with as many men as I could find who wanted to see my webcam.

As I have said, I am a member of a personals site...probably with the horniest men you will ever find because it is for super perverts (like me) into kinks and deviant sexual practices, plus, it is free.

I get about 300 emails, every 2 days or so, so I kept sending out my yahoo IM ID and told them I would do what they said!
The guys who had cams were more than happy to pump their stick for me on camera, which made me insanely aroused!
Mmmmmm! I did not want to have too many webcam windows open at once, but 4 was my average, with about 20 other men watching and stroking thier cocks.

I can not begin to tell  you how turned on I was!  One after another, the cocks would squirt and spurt semen! As each man pumped his dick to orgasm, watching me and making me do very disgusting things I felt like I was making him cum!
I love that all of those men were watching me and it made them hard.
I loved showing them my tits and spreading my legs for them!

Of course, I would have sucked them in person, but this is the next best thing, I guess!

This fat piggie squirted all over her laptop while performing on webcam!

It's true and I was so mad!   I was furiously rubbing my clit while pumping my dildo in and out of my ass when I began to squirt, all over my laptop!  One of my webcams is part of my laptop so when the man stroking his cock wanted a closer look, I pulled my computer closer.
Big mistake!
My touch pad and mouse buttons did not work for a day or so, but, luckily, (MOST OF) it works now!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Licking another piggie!

 Ah, yes, I am,. most definnitely a cock whore, but I love juicy pusssies and lucious tits too!

I found another piggie, just like me, through a personals ad on a well know website.
We met at Starbucks and talked for a few minutes.
Needless to say, I fingered her pussy as we drove back to her house to play!
I could not wait to suck those big juicy tits!
I sucked her nipples while I fingered her  holes and she moaned like a good piggie girl!
Then , I licked and sucked  her fat pussy until she came all over my face!

I had her put a vibrator on her clit and told her to lick my pussy, which she did!
It was great!